V. Géza Hetényi Memorial Tournament

Super GM Round Robin Tournament


Parham Maghsoodloo

The Iranian grandmaster was born in 2000. He is a threat to everyone on the chessboard with his extremely creative style of play and endless fighting spirit. In 2018, he won the U20 World Championship. He is currently ranked as the 19th best player in the world with his highest ever rating of 2730.

Sanan Sjugirov

The Russian grandmaster was born in 1993, represents a deep strategic style. He is a two-time world champion and a two-time European champion in his age group. He defeated Magnus Carlsen in a classical game. With his highest rating ever of 2712, he currently occupies the 29th place in the world ranking.

Kirill Shevchenko

Born in 2002, currently representing Romania. The Ukrainian grandmaster has a very aggressive, tactical style. In 2021, he finished 1st place alone on the blitz competition organized in memory of Tal, ahead of the best players in the world. European Championship silver medalist in 2023. With his current highest rating of 2684, he is the 51st best player in the world.

Pavel Eljanov

Ukrainian grandmaster Pavel Ejanov, born in 1983, is known for his uncompromising style, a giant fighter, thanks to which he won the Olympiad gold medal in 2004 and 2010. At the 2015 World Cup, he marched all the way to the semi-finals. The winner of several super tournaments, including the Isle of Man Open, he topped the Dortmund Chess Days twice. He reached his peak rating of 2765 in March 2016, and was considered the 6th best player in the world.

Radosław Wojtaszek

Polish grandmaster born in 1987. First of all, he likes positional play, but he doesn’t shy away from complications either. He is an excellently prepared player, thanks to which he worked together with Anand, during the years of the world champion. He won the European and World Championship titles in the U18 age group. Among his many fine successes, one of the most outstanding is his 2018 Isle of Man tournament victory. He reached his highest rating of 2750 in January 2017, while his best ranking in the world is 15.

Maxim Matlakov

Born in 1991, is a Russian grandmaster. He is an excellently prepared positional player who bravely takes on tactical complications as well. He won the U18 world championship title in 2009. Among his many great successes in his adult career, perhaps the most outstanding is winning the 2017 European Championship. He reached his highest rating so far in November 2017, with a rating of 2738 and was considered the 23rd best player in the world.

Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu

The Indian prodigy was born in 2005. He became the youngest ever international master at the age of 10 and two years later he already became a grandmaster. He is two-times world champion in his age group. With his lighting-fast calculation ability, he is also a specialist in accelerated time controls. His highest rating so far is 2691, with which he took the 46th place in the world ranking in February this year.

Amin Tabatabaei

The Iranian grandmaster, born in 2001, is a big fan of complicated, tactical positions. He recorded his greatest success at the 2021 World Cup, where he marched all the way to the quarterfinals by defeating 5 outstanding grandmasters. His highest rating so far is 2686, with which he was considered the 49th best player in the world in January this year.

Péter Prohászka

The Hungarian grandmaster, born in 1992, is a big fan and expert of positional chess and endgames. He won the U14 European Championship in 2006. He recently became Hungarian Champion in 2022. His peak rating so far is 2627, which was recorded in August 2018.

Ádám Kozák

The Hungarian grandmaster, born in 2002, likes and welcomes both strategic and tactical challenges over the chess board. In 2022, he shared first place in the World Junior Championship, after the tiebreak he became silver medalist. He is a big fan of shorter time controls as well. He currently records his highest rating with 2568.